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Author demystifies Indian cuisine

by Bruce Rutledge, A new cookbook and memoir by Seattle native Deborah Sanwal reminds us that travel can not only broaden our minds, it can...


Art & Trend

“MONOCHROME” by Emi Meyer

Tokyo-based singer/songwriter Emi Meyer released her first U.S. album Monochrome in September with Origin Records, a Seattle-based jazz and classical music record label. For...

The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA


MRJ Museum to Open this Month in Nagoya

by Bruce Rutledge Before the Mitsubishi Regional Jet takes off on its first official flight, it will have its own museum. The MRJ is currently doing...


Chikuzen Ni – Braised root vegetables and chicken

Chikuzen Ni Serves 6-10 | Prep time 60-90 minutes | Cook Time 30-40 minutes New Year is the biggest and most important holiday in Japan. People...

Osechi for this Holiday

Japanese Traditional New Year's Food is prepared by Seattle Chefs! Osechi is rich in color, taste, presentation and symbolism. This traditional New Year’s food is...