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Eclectic Mix of Asian Goods at Mixed Pantry

By Chisaki Sato
NAP Contributor

Need an original junk food fix? Or some high-end soy sauce? Or perhaps a unique gift idea for that foodie friend who seems to have everything? You will find it at Mixed Pantry, an expertly curated Asian collection of kitchen staples, snacks and goods.

Located on the corner of 1st Avenue and Bell Street in downtown Seattle, the store was founded by Tak Kunimune in 2023. It is bright and colorful, and even has a children’s area.

Tak Kunimune opened Mixed Pantry in 2023. It’s on the corner of First Avenue and Bell Street. Photo by Chisaki Sato

Tak received a degree in food science technology from Oregon State University focusing on beer-making. He worked for a beer company for a while before heading back to school to study business. After working in the technology industry for 10 years, he decided it was time to find a better work-family balance. That is when he decided to open Mixed Pantry.

The store is inviting. Browse the shelves and you will see how hard Tak worked to curate products from all over Asia: snacks from Singapore and Malaysia, miso from Japan, hot curry mixes, chili sauces, jams. Tak is always ready to offer customers a taste of this or that.

Tak explains that his customers are those who run restaurants or are avid home cooks who like to sample products before purchasing; AANHPI Asian American Hawaiian Pacific Islander community members in search of hard-to-find treats; and curious tourists, drawn to the convenient location just a 10-minute walk from Pike Place Market and near many downtown hotels.

”I want people to actually try these products, instead of just judging them based on existing stereotypes about Asia,” Tak emphasizes. He is aiming to lower the barrier to exploring diverse Asian flavors.

Why not swing by and try a few samples for yourself? Tak will be waiting.

Mixed Pantry
2233 First Avenue
Open Wednesday-Saturday 11-7pm and Sunday:11-4pm