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Random Numbers ~ TOUGH TOFU

By Deems Tsutakawa  For The North American Post

Whenever I drive around town, I look for coincidental patterns of cars and trucks. For example, sometimes if you are looking for these patterns, you will see six red cars in a row cruising the freeway. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. On another occasion, there might be five Toyotas bunched together just by chance. Some people say that there are no chance meetings in life or in the universe and that all things are destined to meet or happen. I don’t personally believe this to be true; however, there are times when situations arise to support the concept. 

Just before the new millennium, I played a round of golf at Jefferson Park Golf Course in Seattle and a young Japanese gentleman joined my threesome. His name was Ben and it turned out he worked for my cousin’s store, Uwajimaya. It was a typical good round, friendly and all. The following week, while playing piano for the grand opening of Newcastle Golf Course on the Eastside, my cousin Suwako and her daughter showed up. Suwako’s daughter, Jamie immediately introduced me to her fiancé who is now my “cousin-in-law” and he turned out to be the guy I golfed with a few days before. It was quite a coincidence.

Speaking of random numbers, there was an article in Scientific American about the latest theories on our universe and the possibility that there are infinite universes beyond ours. Although untestable at this time, the magazine states that there is no sign at the edge of our universe that says, “That’s it, nothing exists past this point.” 

Most scientists these days believe that there are literally trillions of universes beyond ours that stretch on forever. In this scenario, they have used supercomputers to calculate the exact distance to where there is mathematically an exact duplicate of each human being on our planet. The fact that there is a finite number of molecules in a person means that the formula can calculate how far you would have to travel to reach another entity with the same number of molecules arranged in the same exact order. 

It is a very long way away but the math and concept are sound. Wow.