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Keiro Northwest Sustains Support for Assisted Living Community and Programs

Keiro Northwest Sustains Support for
Assisted Living Community and Programs

By Karlee Hicks
NAP Contributor

Photo by Shihou Sasaki The North Ameriacn Post

Keiro Northwest (Keiro NW), a community-based nonprofit serving Seattle’s Japanese American seniors,announced significant developments recently. According to Keiro NW Board of Directors President Dave Cullen, the organization recently finalized a new long-term lease that removes uncertainty about the future of Nikkei Manor, an assisted-living community.

In addition, Cullen noted that the organization recently received a $5.8 million gift from the estate of Fred Takemoto.  He is the son of a former Keiro nursing home resident. “The donor’s mother was part of our community for years, and the decision by Fred to make such a generous contribution makes our path forward much easier,” Cullen said. “We plan to use the funds as an endowment of sorts, giving us a solid financial foundation to move forward.”

Cullen noted that “it is a difficult environment for senior-care services across the board and particularly so for one as tailored as our own serving Seattle’s Japanese American community.

“We know we have an important mission to serve our community, and in full recognition of the work and sacrifice of those who founded this community,” he continued. “We are heartened to be able to ensure its future.”

Many senior care organizations have faced closures with the rising cost of care and the increased complexity of resident needs. These challenges were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The large donation and solidification comes at a crucial time. Nikkei Manor is now embarking on future planning initiatives aimed at ensuring its long-term viability.
Keiro NW also welcomed new members to its board recently. They bring a wealth of experience in senior living management and shared dedication to the organization’s mission. The board is conducting a thorough review of its operations and are identifying strategic pathways to ensure Nikkei Manor continues its provision of unique and tailored offerings to the local Japanese American community. This will involve a combination of operational enhancements (to improve efficiencies and maintain service quality) along with a strategy to expand and sustain its resident census.

Future planning efforts will involve engaging with the community, refreshing Keiro NW’s mission and expanding its adult day program, KokoroKai.

Cullen expressed optimism for the organization’s future and acknowledged the importance of Keiro NW’s mission in serving Seattle’s Japanese American community.

“We are very optimistic about our future, thanks to the hard work of our team and the generous support of our community,” he said. “The future planning efforts we are undertaking will ensure Keiro NW remains a focal point of our community for a very long time.”


Formerly known as Nikkei Concerns, Keiro NW is dedicated to honoring the past and preserving Japanese American heritage. Situated in the heart of Seattle’s International District, Keiro NW offers culturally sensitive programs and services. Recognized throughout the Northwest, the organization is committed to providing uniquely tailored care to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Asian elders.