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Keiro Northwest to Close Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center and Programs

Retrieved from press release of Keiro Northwest on May 8th, 2019

Keiro Northwest, a community-based non-profit and Seattle’s largest and oldest Asian-Pacific Islander senior care facility, has made the difficult decision to wind down several of its programs in order to assure the continuation of select programs. Previously known as Nikkei Concerns, Keiro Northwest provides care for seniors across a full spectrum of health and wellness services.

During the organization’s almost 50 year history, Keiro NW has served elders based on the values of trust, respect, compassion, family, and quality of life. The suite of programs has allowed residents and participants to make every day the best day in environments culturally sensitive and familiar. Keiro NW has served 20,000+ members of the community through several programs that include Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center, Nikkei Manor (Assisted Living), Nikkei Horizons (Continuing Education & Travel), Home Care, Kokoro Kai (Adult Day Program), Transportation Services, and Catering.

Over the past several years, demographics, lifestyles, and the healthcare system have evolved and the organization has struggled to balance the needs of Asian elders with financial sustainability. Over the past year, Keiro NW has implemented a range of cost-savings measures and initiatives, however, after examining several alternatives the Keiro NW Board of Directors has decided to phase out a majority of its programs.

“We have done everything in our power to continue to deliver the full range of services offered by Keiro NW,” said Tomio Moriguchi, Keiro NW Board President. “But we cannot afford to lose money at our current rate and expect Keiro NW to survive. Diminishing access to Medicaid resources, combined with regulatory changes has hit us hard, and it looks like should expect more of the same over the coming years.”

The financial stability of Keiro NW has always been fragile, but the organization experienced its most significant financial challenges over the last decade, triggered by the Medicaid Shortfall of 2008-2010. Most challenging have been the continued losses experienced by the flagship Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center. The Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to phase out the following programs by the end of the year: Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center, Nikkei Horizons (Continuing Education & Travel), Home Care, Transportation Services, and Catering. Corporate and administrative staff serving the organization will also be affected. The Nikkei Manor (Assisted Living) and Kokoro Kai (Adult Day Program) will continue to operate.

Every effort will be made by Keiro NW to assure this transition is compassionate and supportive for all affected parties. Plans are underway to identify alternative accommodations for the residents on Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center. In addition, Keiro NW’s management has engaged an outplacement program to help affected employees prepare for the job market and to ensure smooth transitions to their next endeavors.

“I wish with all my being that we would not be forced to make these heartbreaking decisions,” said Fred Kiga, Keiro NW Board Member. “Unless we adopt a more sustainable business model, more will suffer.”

For questions, please contact Fred Kiga (fkiga1(at)comcast.net), Keiro NW Board Member.

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