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Seattle Channel Wins NW Regional Emmy

Photo by Karen Matsuda

By Debbie Kashino

On June 3, 2017, the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held its 54th Annual Northwest Regional Emmy Awards celebration honoring outstanding achievements in the broadcasting media.

Chapter two of the graphic novel “Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers” published by the NVCF, Wing Luke and National Park Services was honored with two nominations as a video produced by the Seattle Channel, entitled “An American Hero: Frank Nishmura”. Frank is a current NVC member and 442 veteran.

The first 2017 nomination category was Historic/Cultural – Program Special:

Seattle Channel Shannon Gee, producer, Randy Eng, producer, Stephen Cavit, sound, Ian Devier, animator, Natalie Eng, animator, Lawrence Matsuda, writer, Kai Pacifico Eng, animator and Matt Sasaki, artist.

The 2017 winner in this category was “Discovering Beverly Cleary”, Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The second 2017 nomination category was “Craft Editing”: Seattle Channel, Shannon Gee, Randy Eng, Ian Devier, Natalie Eng, and Kai Pacifico Eng.

The Frank Nishimura video won an Emmy in this category. Congratulations to the Seattle Channel for the honor. Congratulations also to Lawrence Matsuda, writer, and Matt Sasaki, artist.

Last year the Seattle Channel video based on chapter one of the graphic novel, “An American Hero: Shiro Kashino” won a 2016 Emmy in the Historic/Cultural category. The book includes stories about Tosh Yasutake, Jimmy Kanaya, Roy Matsumoto and Turk Suzuki.

You can view the award winning film at: https://www.seattlechannel.org/ CommunityStories?videoid=x68582