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‘Letters of Suresh’ Playing at 12th Ave Arts

‘Letters of Suresh’ Playing at 12th Ave Arts

By Agastya Kohli and David Hsieh
NAP Contributors

ReAct Theatre and Pratidhwani are delighted to announce the Seattle premiere of “Letters of Suresh” by Rajiv Joseph performing now through May 12 at the 12th Ave Arts performing space. It is a captivating play by acclaimed playwright Rajiv Joseph. Directed by David Hsieh and Julie Beckman, the play is a sequel to Joseph’s “Animals Out of Paper” (playing in the repertory on alternate nights) and provides a moving exploration of love, memory, and the enduring impact of handwritten words.


In the ghost-filled city of Nagasaki, Japan the lives of four individuals intersect through a series of heartfelt letters. The play unfolds as we follow the correspondences between :

● Melody Park (played by Mona Leach): A writing teacher who stumbles upon a cache of letters sent by Suresh to her late great-uncle. As she delves into their contents, she discovers a profound connection that transcends time and distance.

● Suresh Thakur (played by Nirvan Patnaik) : Picking up where Animals Out of Paper left off, we follow Suresh’s journey from age 18 to 28. A brilliant young man searching for meaning in his life, Suresh’s letters reveal a soulful longing and a deep bond with an enigmatic pen pal.

● Amelia Wren (played by Marianna de Fazio): As Suresh’s estranged girlfriend, Amelia receives unexpected letters that force her to confront the past and reconsider the choices she made.

●Father Hashimoto (played by Stephen Sumida): The priest who becomes Suresh’s confidant provides guidance as Suresh moves through a pivotal moment in his life: from confused teen to questing young adult, to a profound thinker longing for forgiveness for his mistakes. Through their letters, Fr. Hashimoto offers solace and insight while inviting Suresh to spiritual growth.

As the letters crisscross continents and decades, secrets are unveiled, emotions are laid bare, and the power of human connection becomes palpable. Through Joseph’s lyrical prose, we witness the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring legacy of handwritten communication.

DATES : Now-May 12, 2024

WHERE : 12TH Ave Arts, 1620 – 12th Avenue, Seattle

TIMES : Evening performances: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
plus Monday, May 6th at 7:30 p.m. Matinees: Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

TICKETS : Available at ReAct Theatre:www.reacttheatre.org.

NOTE : Patrons who attend Animals Out of Paper will receive discount tickets to
Letters of Suresh and vice versa. This applies to all performances.Also, there are
three dates when patrons can see both plays in one day: Sundays: April 28, May 5,
and May 12 Animals Out of Paper 2:00 p.m., Letters of Suresh 7:30 p.m.

“Animals Out of Paper”

When a reclusive and renowned folding artist opens her origami studio to a high school teacher and a young hip-hop prodigy, the three of them discover reams of connection and surprises. A poignant and entertaining reminder that life gets messy as it unfolds.

DATES : Now – May 19, 2024

WHERE : 12th Avenue Arts, 1620 – 12th Avenue, Seattle

For more information, contact Agastya Kohli at : agastyak@pratidhwani.org or Dave Hsieh at react.works@usa.net.