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“Friends Across the Wires”

By David Yamaguchi
The North American Post

Lead actresses Olivia Ockey and Emma Chang play the parts of Seattle Broadway High School students separated by WWII Japanese American incarceration<br >Photo by DY

“Friends Across the Wires” opened to a medium-full theater on March 17th. The show is well worth seeing, as it is rare for Seattle Japanese Americans to see the stories of their own families enacted live onstage.

Writer/Director Laura Ferri and pro­­ducer Tamara Bunnell clearly did their homework to discern the degree to which JA students permeated the fabric of pre-war student life at Broadway High School (today’s Broadway Performance Hall). They did so by poring through old school yearbooks kept at the hall.

Six scheduled performances remain across the next 25 days. While also on YouTube, live is bette.