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Vaccine Equity Grants

Vaccine Equity Grants

The rollout of coronavirus vaccines to date has been anything but fair. Seniors without ready access to the internet have been widely reported as disadvantaged. But limited-English  seniors have it worse, because the vaccine scene is changing rapidly. Second-language speakers who receive news delayed, if at all, have little hope of keeping up.

To address such needs, “All In Washington” is offering grants to trusted community organizations “that can conduct linguistically and culturally specific vaccine education and outreach to those most impacted, especially in… Communities of Color.”Eligible activities include mobile, pop up, and door-to-door vaccination efforts, transportation, and education.

Grants are in the range of $5000-$50,000. The next deadline is March 29. Winning proposals are expected to be funded in six weeks’ time. Additional cycles will begin April 7 and April 21, with later cycles anticipated.

Complementary transportation grants, in the $1000-$3000 range, are available from Lyft (deadline, Mar. 29).


https://lyft.com/lyftup/community- grants

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