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Toshiko Grace Hasegawa announcing candidacy for Port Commission

Toshiko Grace Hasegawa, a yonsei, announced that she is running for the Port of Seattle Commission, Position 4. Appointed by Governor Jay Inslee, Toshiko has served as executive director of the Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (CAPAA) since 2018. Previously, she served as the communications manager at King County’s Office of Law Enforcement Oversight where she worked to inform and engage the public on efforts to improve systems of police accountability at the Sheriff’s Office. She was born and raised in Beacon Hill, and her father is Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa.

In her newsletter, Toshiko says “The Port of Seattle is uniquely positioned to be a model for bringing together industry, business, workers and communities to rebuild our economy and be better than it was before. I bring the necessary perspective to ensure that the next rising tide will lift all of our ships.” Visit www.hasegawaforport.com to learn more about Toshiko Grace Hasegawa and her campaign. The primary is on August 2nd.

Info: Hasegawa for Port

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