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Uwajimaya Ehime Fair

Beautiful Uwajima Bay in Ehime, Japan
Uwajimaya Seattle Stores | Wednesday October 3rd – Tuesday October 9th

Uwajimaya’s 4th Ehime Fair brings local venders from the prefecture to share with their customers the opportunity to enjoy regional Japanese cuisine. Ehime Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. Surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea to the north and Shikoku Mountains to the south, Ehime is blessed with the
best from both land and sea. The climate is warm and mild throughout the year making it the perfect environment for cultivating citrus. Ehime is the largest producer of citrus fruits in Japan and is known as the “Citrus Kingdom”. Uwajimaya’s founder Fujimatsu Moriguchi was from Ehime Prefecture and the store has a special relationship with the prefecture.

At the fair, you will enjoy Ehime’s local taste of citrus products, seafood, seafood snacks, mochi and more. On Saturday October 6th at 2 pm, as part of Ehime Fair, a tuna-filletting event will be held at the Seattle Uwajimaya. They will be cutting a sustainably-raised Blue Fin Tuna cultured from the Uwajima Bay, in Ehime Prefecture. Special sale to follow the tuna cutting performance.

Let’s pick at some of Ehime’s local delicacies that will come to Uwajimaya!
Tamanegi Ten & Tako Ten – steam-fried fish cake

Steam-fried ground fish cake is one of local delicacies inEhime. Try two flavors; one with Awaji-made sweet onion and another with chopped octopus. Enjoy the superior texture of the Ehime style fish cake.

Actsystem Ltd. | info@act-world.com


Yasumaru Dashi Seasoning

Only carefully selected Japan-made ingredients are used, making it possible to enjoy the tastes of an authentic Japanese restaurant in your home. This dashi package contains soysauce powder and requires no extra seasoning to deliver a consummate taste. Use for variety of cooking.

Welby Ltd. | info@shop-takahashi.jp


Ka no Ka – crystallized citrus fruits

This ready-to-eat sweet is made from the skins of yuzu, iyokan, kawachi bankan and other representative Japanese citrus fruits. No flavoring or preservatives are used to create the rich aroma. It provides a new kind of texture that is different from gummies and chewing gum. Enjoy the citrusy aroma and the sweet and sour taste.

Shindo Shigeharu Shoten Ltd. | info@p-l.jp


Hakata no Shio – Coarse Sea Salt

Hakata no Shio is natural sea salt that doesn’t use any chemicals or additives. Salts that include ocean minerals bring out the flavor of the food. Select from three types; the moist
type Hakata no Shio coarse salt, the smoother Hakata no Shio roasted salt, and the flakier Fleur de Sel.

Hakata Solt Co., Ltd. | info@hakatanoshio.co.jp


Grilled Soft shaved Katsuobushi – Bonito Shavings

The company’s original recipe enables the concentration of the umami and aroma of bonito in this product. The taste is richer than your typical bonito shavings, making them a delicious topping on tofu, salad or takoyaki. They also have been shaved in a way that gives them a soft texture.

Marutomo Co.,Ltd. | info_m@marutomo.co.jp


Pearls from Uwajima City *Uwajimaya Bellevue Store Only

Japan’s leader in pearl production is Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture. The irregular-shaped coastline surrounds a gentle bay rich in nutrients where the akoya pearl oyster creates a thick nacreous layer. The pearls of Uwajima are especially dazzling because of the region’s four distinct seasons and the change in ocean water temperature. Check out the highquality pearls raised in Uwajima’s pearl farms. And don’t miss the well-respected Doi Pearl brand Ubudama.

Doi Pearl Co., Ltd | mail@doi-pearl.co.jp


Weekend Events

Tuna Filleting Show
The Tuna cutting event is a popular attraction at sushi restaurants in Japan. Experience the melt in-yourmouth sensation from super fresh Blue Fin Tuna! Saturday October 6th at 2 pm

Meet Mikyan!
Come meet Mikyan, which is Ehime’s official prefecture character. Friday October 5th at Noon, Saturday October 6th at 1 pm & 4pm and Sunday October 7th 1 pm & 4pm

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