Home Food Put some life into the New Year! Luxurious osechi from the pros

Put some life into the New Year! Luxurious osechi from the pros

Osechi is the Japanese New Year dish, whose origins go back over a thousand years to the ancient Yayoi Period. The dishes that make up osechi each have a special meaning celebrating the New Year, such as black soybeans for health, chestnuts for wealth, and konbu (kelp seaweed) for happiness. For the 2019 New Year, why not celebrate with osechi made by Japanese restaurant chefs elegantly displayed one by one in a box? Amounts are limited so be sure to place your orders early!
*Contents are subject to change based on availability. For the latest selections, please contact the restaurant.

Interviews and article by: Misa Murohashi, Harmony Kelly, Maiko Kobayashi, Reika Nemoto, Noriko Huntsinger



I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue

Three-tiered Osechi

Jurou Oki, a famous souzai chef based in Japan, is supervising the osechi again this year and making a menu along with I Love Sushi chefs. All 28 items in the three-tirered box are made by extracting the best from the ingredients and using devices to extend their shelf life.


Three-tiered osechi: $350
Available servings: 100
Order by Dec 22nd
Pickup: Dec 31st 1 – 4 pm at the restaurent

Listing a few from 28 delicious menus
Miyazaki roast beef with special apple sauce | Japanese style roast beef in a soy-sauce base made with flavorful Miyazaki beef comes with a refreshing daikon radish oroshi sauce.
Softly simmered Tokobushi abalone | The Japanese tokobushi abalone is cooked slowly until it is soft. Simmered Arima scallops | Simmered scallops with the aroma of Arima sansho pepper is a sophisticated treat.
Saikyo-grilled Spanish mackerel | Thoroughly simmered in Saikyo white miso from Kyoto, the grilled Spanish mackerel is fragrant and delicious.

I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue
23 Lake Bellevue Dr., Bellevue, WA 98005

Reasonably-priced omakase sushi with most of the fish flown directly from Tsukiji, is a popular menu item. Order your sushi platter or sashimi arrangement to make the perfect addition to your holiday party.



Oshogatsu appetizer plate

Owner-chef Shinichi Nakagawa is highly skilled in both Japanese
and Western cuisine. Once a year, he puts forth in extra effort to make his Oshogatsu appetizer plate, which has both Nakagawa’s signature “yoshoku” menus and traditional Japanese osechi menus.

Available servings : 20
Orders taken until all 20 orders have been placed
Pickup: Dec 31st 12 pm – 1 pm at the restaurant

Listing a few menus from the colorful plate
Prawn terrine | A new menu item from Chef Nakagawa includes steamed shrimp minced into terrine form.
Lobster gratin | A luxurious gratin that uses a whole lobster, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
Smoked salmon | Sockeye salmon (also known as benizake) is smoked on apple wood for a fragrant finish.
Simmered Chikuzen (chicken stew) | A returning favorite, the Kansai-style chikuzen stew teems with the flavors of dashi broth and root vegetables.
Yuzu Yokan (thick jelly dessert) | Homemade bean jam is topped with fragrant yuzu for a Japanese-style dessert.

1427 228th St. SE., #D6, Bothell, WA 98021

The yoshoku (Western dishes in Japanese style) menu available only at lunch on Saturdays is popular with regulars. Sushi and sashimi platters as well as osechi dishes can be pre-ordered now.


Bring a small taste of Osechi

The osechi available at Japanese supermarkets is good value and offers lots of taste choices. At New Year’s Eve and Shinnenkai parties, this is a great way to share some of Japan’s traditional food culture!

Maruta Shoten

The kitchen in the Georgetown Maruta Shoten store is known for its precise preparation of each osechi dish and the wide array of choices available. Limited to 200 sets.


Maruta Shoten Osechi $52.95
Order by Dec 27th
Pickup Dec 31st 10 am – 4:30 pm at the store

Maruta Shoten
1024 S. Bailey St., Seattle, WA 98108



Traditional osechi cuisine is available at all Uwajimaya supermarkets. Order from the Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, or Beaverton stores.

Uwajimaya Osechi $65.95
Order by Dec 27th
Pickup: Dec 31st 10 am – 4 pm at the store

600 5th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104 ☎206-624-6248
699 120th Ave. NE., Bellevue, WA 98005 ☎425-747-9012
501 S. Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057 ☎425-277-1635
10500 SW. Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., Beaverton, OR 97005 ☎503-643-4512