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Nisei Veterans Committee Hosts Appreciation Issei Night Event in 1964

Original Issue Date: Feb. 17, 1964                                               Translated by Minami Endo                                                         The North American Post

The women’s association of the Nisei Veterans Committee in Seattle hosted “Issei Night” on Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m. at the Nisei Veterans Hall to express their appreciation for the Issei’s (Japanese immigrants) efforts to bring up the Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) as outstanding citizens. More than 300 elderly Issei participated in the event, which was a blast.

That day, there were posters saying “July 31th Nisei Veterans Reunion “ on the right side, “Hosted by Nisei Veterans Committee Women’s Association” on the front side and “Issei Appreciation Night” on the left side of the hall with many colorful lanterns around the posters to give the room a Japanese atmosphere. Those decorations allowed Issei to enjoy something like home and attracted participants.

Big applause was given to Emcee Joe Yada’s greeting in broken Japanese with English. This was followed by a greeting by event planner and promoter Edith Hayashida and a chorus of Japanese harps by cute girls. The event concluded with Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church Women’s Association members who performed a dance about the Olympics in Tokyo. Meanwhile, snacks and tea were served by Nisei and Sansei (third generation Japanese Americans) members of the NVC Women’s Association. All Issei participants were impressed by the NVC’s kindness saying, “This is a happy and joyous moment as never before.”

This was the first time for the NVC to host this kind of event joined by diverse generations including Sansei and Yonsei (fourth generation Japanese Americans). This event’s impact on the Issei might make it the most meaningful annual event in the Nikkei community.