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The JASSW Centennial Scholarship

JASSW Centennial Scholarship Program Open for Applications

By Shoko Farmer and JASSW Centennial Committee
NAP Contributor

Japan-America Society of the State of Washington (JASSW) celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2023 with Building Bridges to the Next Century programs, events, and activities throughout the year. As they wrap up a successful year, the JASSW Centennial Committee is launching their first-ever JASSW Centennial Scholarship Program.

As the committee thought about the future of the organization and the next 100 years, they found it important to support the next generation. As a result, the carefully planned scholarship program was developed and is now available. Please note application deadline is April 30, 2024. Also, the application can be found on the website link listed below. Good luck!

The JASSW Centennial Scholarship is our commitment to empowering and nurturing the next generation of global leaders who will be instrumental in Building Bridges to the Next Century. This scholarship demonstrates our dedication to education and to US-Japan relations and honors the 100-year legacy of the JASSW organization.

The Centennial Scholarship program supports educational initiatives offered by nonprofit organizations with leadership development and global exchange programs. Our program is designed to offer financial assistance to students pursuing international educational experiences. For 2024, we can support up to three students based in Washington State or in Japan at $3,500 each.

International, educational nonprofits with an interest in this program should submit a proposal of no more than three pages including:

Letter of Inquiry cover sheet
•Brief summary of international education work and connections to Japan.
•Programmatic opportunities open to students.
•A brief budget describing how these funds would be utilized.

Send application to Japan-America Society of the State of Washington jassw@jassw.org.

Leadership development and global exchange programs.

Eligible participants selected by international, educational nonprofits may include high school and university students who demonstrate a strong commitment to cross-cultural exchange and global leadership.

The funded programs can but need not involve travel between Japan and Washington State. Instead, our interest is in developing global leaders.

The selected program/organization is obligated to submit a report before the start of the program and on its successful completion.

For year-long programs, reports must be provided at least twice a year.

Student selection will be on June 30, 2024 for the 2024–2025 summer and academic year.

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