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Quiz! NIKKEI Around the World

By the Japanese American Overseas Association
NAP Contributor

In commemoration of International Nikkei Day on June 20, Japanese American (Nikkei) Overseas Association (JAOA) is planning the second installment of “Quiz! NIKKEI Around the World” to be held on June 15 (To be streamed online. The first episode is  now available on YouTube .) This time, we are looking for information to serve as the basis for the quiz from people all over the world. We will be turning fun topics sent in by you into a quiz.

Currently, we are seeking stories about the Nikkei and the Nikkei community in your town. JAOA will quiz on fun topics submitted by you and give them to viewers nationwide.

For example:
•Grandpa X, a first-generation Japanese-American once encountered a five-meter -long (16.4 feet) anaconda in the river on his farm when young and swam with it.

•Peru’s signature dish, ceviche, actually tastes better when ginger and soy sauce are added. This is a secret menu item at a restaurant called XX in XX town that only a few people know about.

•About 30 km (18.6 miles) southeast of Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, there is an authentic Japanese castle. Hiromichi Maehara, a successful chicken farmer, built the castle in 2005 following the wishes of his predecessor, Fuka.

We are looking for topics you would like to share that are fun and interesting things about Nikkei and the Nikkei society around you.

Please fill out the following information and send it by email. Email subject: Submit a quiz idea for International Nikkei Day:
2. Country name.
3. Email address.
4. Name you want announced on the day of the event. (Pen names are acceptable).
5.Quiz topic.

* If you have any other related photos or videos, please send them along.
For e-mails and inquiries: taikai*jadesas.or.jp. (Please replace * with @ to prevent spam mail.)
You can also send an email to the QR code below. (After loading, you will be moved to another site.) Click “Click here for the email composition screen.”

▪️Deadline: April 19, 2024
Names of the selected applicants will be announced on the day of the event. For more details, please click here https://jadesas.or.jp/jp/24international-day-of-nikkei/.