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Breaking the Silence~JCCCW’s Omoide

Iceberg in the Arctic Ocean. Photo: A. Weith

By Carolee Okamoto For The North American Post

Out of the darkness

Out of the past

Come words that have now

Become our task.



Bubbling up,

Unspoken whispers from unknown lips.

An ill-gotten language

Never fully heard

Yet felt…

Most every day.

Ancestral words 

Flow to the surface

Long lost on some cold and lonely iceberg

Left floating in a murky sea of nothingness.

Mountains of stories

Left behind… left hanging

Deeply below…


Reflecting upward at us

For us… the Sanseis

Unknown stories coursing

through our veins… pulsing.

So many words of silence

Lying within the depths of our souls

These truths that must be told

These long-held memories of old.

Like glaciers melting,

Slowly fading away

Our history…their trauma

They must be spoken.