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Fukuoka Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad for Descendants of Immigrants from Fukuoka Prefecture is a program for college students and higher to participate in a year-long course of study at a chosen college or university in Fukuoka, Japan. Its purpose is to connect Fukuoka descendants with their northern Kyushu ancestral homeland. It is fully funded by the Government of Fukuoka Prefecture. Recipients will receive round-trip airfare to Japan, tuition, room and board, and health insurance during the study period.

Applicants must meet 11 requirements, the main ones of which are: high school graduate; admitted to a college/university in one’s home country; over 20 years of age during the program period; blood relative of a Fukuoka descendant; ability to communicate in Japanese (reading, writing, speaking); leadership skills; first-time participant.

Contact Fukuoka Kenjinkai to receive the complete package of program information and application materials as PDF files or through the U.S. mail.

Application deadline: Sunday, August 15, 2021

Program period: April 2022 to March 2023

Contact: Seattle-Tacoma Fukuoka Kenjinkai; info8sea2fuk@yahoo.com, (206) 919-7194

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