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INTERVIEW: Japanese expats in Seattle discuss their jobs in America

Japanese expats in Seattle discuss their jobs in America

As Seattle is growing into an international hub, more and more Japanese companies are opening offices in the greater Seattle area. Here are some translated articles from the Post’s sister paper, Soy Source, interviewing Japanese native workers who recently moved to Seattle to manage their company’s businesses in the greater Seattle area. They share details about their careers and how they enjoy and struggle with American life.

Interview by Ai Isono, Translated by Bruce Rutledge

KOSEI YAMADA   Japan Airlines

Born in Tokyo, Yamada entered Japan Airlines in 1987. He became the chief of the Seattle branch in November 2018 and arrived in Seattle to open the airline’s airport office.

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NAOYA MORISHITA   Kinokuniya Book Stores of America

Born in Tokyo, he joined Kinokuniya in 1999 and moved to its Seattle store in 2018. He enjoys mountain climbing. While he is in Seattle, his wants to travel to Guyana, near Brazil and Venezuela, to see the unique animal and plant life in some of the more remote areas.

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MASANORI NAGAMINE   Kobe Seattle Business Office

Nagamine was born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture. He came to Seattle in May 2018. He loves tennis and plays often with his wife. He even bought a machine recently that restrings his rackets. He is so excited to play tennis in the sunshine during the summer in Seattle.

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