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Shop for high-end Japanese socks at Kinokuniya Book Store

A special sales fair through June 20 at Kinokuniya celebrates the 97th anniversary of sock maker Naigai, which started in Akasaka, Tokyo. The long-established Naigai has about 60% of the domestic market for socks and sells its products at highend department stores throughout Japan. This sales fair is a collaboration with Kinokuniya, which is heading toward its 90th anniversary. Since its founding in 1920, Naigai has found its niche in each era. As its name of “inside (nai), outside (gai)” implies, has pursued markets at home and abroad while keeping its reputation for high-end production and sticking to its motto of “being considerate.”

Since 2015, with the support of Market to Japan LLC (CEO Sachiko Akahori Miller), Naigai has been selling in the US market. Naigai sells all sorts of socks at the Market to Japan office in Issaquah. Gym socks with toes, socks for running and golf, fashionable socks for men and women, tights and all sorts of other items are now available at the store. If you’re in the Issaquah area, you might want to have a look. The sales fair will feature hard-to-find but much loved products like the comfy room socks and the functional socks that are perfect for this modern era. All of them are made in Japan. The long-established products have a proven track record and a quality honed through the years.


Market to Japan (US distributor of Naigai brand) | 1505 NW Gilman Blvd #7, Issaquah | (425) 378-9216 Naigai Online Store | naigaiusa.com

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