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Seattle JACL Offers Scholarships Totaling $16,000

From Seattle JACL

Japanese American Citizens League Seattle Chapter (Seattle JACL) is offering a total of $16,000 in scholarships for six incoming and/or current college students. Interested candidates can apply at http://www.seattlejacl.org/scholarships until March 27. Face-to-face interviews will be held on April 8, and then successful candidates will receive their award at a luncheon on April 22.

“In addition to honoring the legacy of our ancestors and other Asian Pacific American pioneers, JACL aims to continually support the next generation of leaders in all areas,” said Seattle Chapter President Sarah Baker. “Investing in young people is critical for a future that can sustain social justice for Asian Americans, and for all people.”

For the following scholarship, the applicant must have attended or is graduating from the Seattle Public Schools. Applicant must be applying to or be enrolled in a publicly funded school in Washington State, such as a community college, a public technical school, or a Washington university. Minimum 2.5 GPA required.

Aki Kurose Memorial Scholarship – $2,000

Aki Kurose was an educator, peace activist and community organizer, and mother of five. After her death, Seattle JACL established a scholarship in her name to enable students to continue their higher education, which would enable them to give back to the community with the commitment shared by Aki Kurose and Seattle JACL. Key considerations: How does the applicant plan to “give back” to the community? How does the applicant demonstrate past experience or commitment to one or more the following areas: Leadership, Community Service, Peace, Education or Teaching, Multiculturalism, or Science? Applicant must demonstrate Financial Need.

For the following scholarships, applicant must have graduated from high school and be accepted and enrolled in an accredited college or university in an undergraduate or graduate program for the fall of 2017. Applicant must be of Japanese ancestry OR an individual member of the Seattle JACL OR actively involved with the Japanese American community (The Elaine Reiko Akagi Scholarship is open to all racial minority students):

The Minoru Tamesa and Bunshiro Tazuma Scholarships – $2,000 each

Key considerations will be given to how the applicant has demonstrated involvement with the Japanese American community, how closely they demonstrate the strong moral ethics of Minoru Tamesa (leader of the Heart Mountain Incarceration Camp “Fair Play Committee”) and/or Bunshiro Tazuma (one of Seattle’s pioneer Issei, first generation).

The Cherry and Mas Kinoshita Scholarship – $2,000

Available to students who plan to pursue or are pursuing studies and/or a career in political science, law, education, journalism, Asian American Studies, or other field leading to service to the community. Key considerations will be given to commitment in serving the community and involvement in the Japanese American community.

The Elaine Reiko Akagi Scholarship – $3,000

Open to students studying to become teachers with additional consideration given to students of color and/or individuals going in to the field of Special Education. Special Education is a field which unfortunately sees many students of color, but where students don’t see role models that look like them. It is the goal of this scholarship to help bring equity to the ratio of students and teachers. This applicant must have declared a major in Education (Teaching) or a related field, i.e. educational psychology or occupational, physical or speech therapy with the intent of working in a school district at the time of application and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Key considerations will be given to how an applicant plans to give back to the community, his/her reasons for pursuing the field of education, demonstrated experiences in working with children who have disabilities, experience in working with children of color and the specific field in which the applicant is specializing. Elaine Reiko Akagi was a community activist, mentor and advocate for children of color; she worked with students in many settings, from preschool through high school.

For the following scholarship, the applicant must be of Japanese ancestry OR an individual member of the Seattle JACL OR actively involved with the Japanese American community. Additionally, they must be graduating from a college or university in 2017, or have already graduated. Applicant must be accepted and enrolled in an accredited medical, dental, nursing school or other post graduate health studies professional school for fall of 2017:

Dr. Susumu Shimokon Memorial Scholarships – $5,000

Dr. Shimokon left part of his estate to Seattle JACL, and in his honor, Seattle JACL established a scholarship in his name in 2013. Key considerations will be given to the applicant’s reason for pursuing the medical profession, demonstrate current ties to the Japanese American community and Seattle JACL, and have other outside activities and extracurricular and/or work experiences.

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