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Japanese Gardener’s Association Meets for New Years in 1967

Original Issue Date: Dec. 24, 1975

Translated by Akari Terouchi

The North American Post

Seattle Japanese Gardeners Association hosted its annual gathering at Kinkeirou Restaurant at 6 p.m. on Jan.14 joined by many members. Former president John Kanetomi announced new president Mitsuru Takahashi, and also other officers and honorary members were introduced.

Followed by honorary member Giichiro Mizuki’s toast, members enjoyed chatting, drinking, eating salmon dinner served by Westboat Boathouse and watching a film featuring tuna fishing.

New officers are as follows:

President: Mitsuru Takahashi

Vice president: K. Mochizuki

Secretary: Masao Sakagami

Communication secretary:

Tam Takamura, Joan Suzaka

Treasurer: Mike Ohashi

Honorary employees:

Giichiro Mizuki, Kamejiro Shioyama, Masato Uyeda, Harry Takeuchi and Joe Kawamura

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