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Re-enact Sushi Roll Challenge

Photo courtesy of SCBJCFC

In celebration of the cherry blossom festival history, the event host will challenge what was done 20 years ago. The festival will reenact its 1997 Guinness record title in the category of “Longest Sushi Roll” as 16 five-person teams will join to make a sushi roll over 100-feet long.

According to the festival committee, the category in the Guinness record originated with the 1997 challenge. As sushi has been recognized as an international food throughout the world, the sushi roll record has been broken on many occasions. Last November, a festival committee in Kumamoto marked the world record of making a sushi roll 2,844.61 meters (9,332 feet and 8 inches).

The sushi roll challenge will be held at the Armory at 1:45 p.m. on Saturday.

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