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Welcome to Uwajimaya Seattle Concierge Demo

California Roll Appertizers

By Robert Giulietti For the North American Post


6 cups       Premium Kokuho Rose Rice (Grocery Special $6.49 5lb)

1 cup         Seasoned Rice Vinegar (Grocery Aisle 4A)

1 T            Toasted Sesame Seeds (Grocery Aisle 4A)

1.1 lb        Kanikamaboko (Imitation Crab) (Seafood Special $4.89/lb)

1              House Soft Tofu (Seafood Special $1.69)

1/4 cup     Japanese Mayonnaise (Grocery Aisle 4A)

2 tsp         Kikkoman Gluten Free Tamari (Grocery Special $2.99 10oz)

1 tsp         House Premium Wasabi (Grocery Special $2.99)

1/4 cup     Japanese Cucumber chopped (Produce Dept)

10 sheets   Takaokaya Ariake Nori (Grocery Aisle 6B)

2Garnish    Avocado (Produce Special $1.29 ea.)  Orange Tobiko (Seafood Dept.) (Optional)

Sushi rice: Rinse well, soak grains for at least 20 minutes prior to cooking. Measure correct water level for sushi rice and start rice cooker. Once finished cooking immediately uncover and add sesame seeds and seasoned rice vinegar and incorporate into every grain. Allow to rest until rice cools to room temperature.

Crab mixture: Finely chop kanikamaboko or imitation crab (easier when frozen) and cucumber. Season with Tamari. Combine with tofu and mayonnaise, mix to a rough puree.

Appetizer form: Create one bite rice balls with hitokuchi mold (from gift dept.), wrap in nori. Top with crab mixture, garnish with avocado and Tobiko, enjoy.

[Editor’s Note] This is a joint project with the Uwajimaya Seattle. The writer usually appears at the store for cooking demo with this recipe on Friday. He can be reached at robertgiulietti@uwajimaya.com.