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Japanese Business Delegation Visits Snohomish County for Economic Opportunity

(From left to right) Kenji Ushimaru, Consul Naoki Hayasaka, Kendee Yamaguchi, County Executive Dave Somers, Masahiro Azuma, Kazuyuki Uchiya and Linda Neunzig. Photos courtesy of Snohomish County

By The North American Post Staff

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers met with a delegation of business leaders from Japan examining potential investments in Snohomish County. After meeting Executive Somers, the delegation visited three sites in the county, looking at the feasibility and logistics of bringing business to the region.

“Snohomish County is a great place to do business in agriculture and related products,” Somers said. “I am pleased to receive such distinguished leaders as my first international trade delegation. We talked about creating jobs locally and in Japan, while working to supply green products to markets worldwide.”

The delegation included: Consul Naoki Hayasaka, representing the Japanese Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry; Masahiro Azuma, president of Kiseitec; Kazuyuki Uchiya, chairman of United Arrow, Inc.; and Kenji Ushimaru of Infra Innovations and the Japanese External Trade Organization.

Also attending the meeting were: Kendee Yamaguchi, Snohomish County Director of Trade and Economic Development; and Linda Neunzig, Agricultural Coordinator, Snohomish County.

“The business opportunities in Snohomish County are distinct and provide great opportunities for globallyfocused companies,” Ushimaru said. “Strengthening our bilateral relationship in this region is important given the many assets available. We see this visit as one of many steps in the continuation of our future work together.”

Snohomish County is the third largest county in Washington by population. It has a diverse environment, including urban areas, high mountains, Puget Sound, rivers, and abundant forestland. It is the location for the world’s largest building by volume (Boeing) and home for the largest manufacturing plant in the region.