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Omoide is developed under an umbrella of organizations supported in part by the Nikkei Heritage Association of Washington and the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington.

To date, the Omoide team has introduced the project to several thousand students, 200 teachers, and 400 members of the general public over the past 12 years. These personal accounts have encouraged open dialog and discussions of constitutional rights, personal history, cultural development, immigrant experiences in the US, family values, multi-cultural issues and much more.

Shio-Chan is a cat, who became popular in Japan with her “talking” videos. She can say words in Japanese such as “Okaeri (welcome home)” and “Ohayo (good morning).” Her YouTube videos have hit over 50 million views.

Shin-Koro is an immunology scientist living in New York. His hobbybased side businesses include hip-hop dance instructor and recipe writer. His blog and videos of talking Shio-Chan are available at http://www.okyn.jp.

Kanako, a native of Akita, Japan, is a chef, author and instructor focused on authentic Japanese homecooking. Chef Kanako also offers in-home private cooking classes for groups up to 12. You can reach her at info@kozmokitchen.com.