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Scott Oki is a retired Microsoft executive and philanthropist. He has probably most touched the lives of readers through his early support of Densho, including his pledge of $1 million to aid in its startup during 1996-2001. More recently, his financial support is acknowledged inside the front covers of numerous seminal Asian American book titles from University of Washington Press as “The Scott and Laurie Oki Series in Asian American Studies.” These titles include “Personal Justice Denied,” (Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, 1997), “Letters From the 442nd” (Minoru Masuda, 2008), and “John Okada, The Life and Rediscovered Work of the Author of No-No Boy” (Frank Abe, Greg Robinson, and Floyd Cheung, 2018).

“Shox” Tokita is a retired career U.S. Air Force navigator and Vietnam veteran who enjoys working out regularly, like playing pickle ball, when gathering in gyms is allowed. His present plans include submitting articles periodically to the NAP, for which he retains “a soft spot.”

Kay Hirai is the founder of Studio 904 Hair Designs - an award-winning hair salon that utilizes innovative concepts to create a win for its employees and customers as well as the community it serves.