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Blair Khanal graduated from WSU in June with a degree in journalism and media production. He is currently job hunting from Maple Valley, Washington. In his free time, he enjoys writing stories (both fiction and for journalism) and doing graphic design.

Raechel Kundert is a UW student, an intern at JCCCW, and a newly promoted server at Shiku Sushi. When asked if she could explain the menu in Japanese to Japanese customers, she replied, "Ganbatte setsumei shite mimashou! Dekiru to omoimasu~" [I will try explaining and see. I think I can do it.]

Benjamin Narkmon was the co-president of the Japanese Culture Exchange Club at Bellevue College, which he attended as a high school student. He is now a UW freshman, planning on studying either linguistics or Japanese literature.

With experience in commercial banking, financial management, and as a CPA, Tsuneko Nakatani is passionate about advising individuals and businesses with financial planning, income protection, and wealth accumulation/distribution. She serves as a Financial Services Professional* for New York Life from 2012. She currently specializes in long-term care and retirement/estate planning.

Mikiko Amagai was Managing Editor of the Post from 2001 to 2005. Of her tenure, Mikiko feels that the most memorable articles she wrote were her interviews of the Seattle Nisei veterans—all but one now deceased. She obtained their stories by “just letting them talk.” She published the accounts in both English and Japanese. On November 1, Mikiko returned to Tokyo after 44 years in Seattle.

Geraldine Shu worked in immunology research labs for 38 years. She is the daughter of Drs. Evan & Ruby Inouye Shu.

Elaine Ikoma Ko is the former Executive Director of the Hokubei Hochi Foundation, a nonprofit that helps The North American Post with projects and events. She is a member of the U.S.-Japan Council, an alumnus of the Japanese American Leadership Delegation (JALD) to Japan, and leads spring and autumn group tours to Japan.

Tamiko Nimura is a Sansei/Pinay writer, originally from Northern California and now living in the Pacific Northwest. Her writing has appeared or will appear in The San Francisco Chronicle, Kartika Review, The Seattle Star, Seattlest.com, the International Examiner (Seattle), and The Rafu Shimpo. She blogs at Kikugirl.net, and is working on a book project that responds to her father's unpublished manuscript about his Tule Lake incarceration during World War II.