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Deadline of April 1 to Stop Tule Lake Fence

By Barbara Takei
North American Post Contributor

The Tule Lake Committee needs your help to stop the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Modoc County’s decade-long effort to build a massive 3-mile long, 8-foot high fence on the Tulelake airfield that occupies two-thirds of the Tule Lake concentration camp in Northern California where Japanese Americans were held during World War II.

In 2012, the Tule Lake Committee launched a campaign to Stop the Tulelake Airfield Fence. In subsequent years, over 50,000 voices opposed construction of a fence on the Tule Lake concentration camp site. Despite unanimous outcry against desecrating this sacred site, in 2024 the FAA and Modoc County resumed planning a security fence to protect the cropdusting airfield located in the middle of the Tule Lake concentration camp.

The airfield is a relic of Jim Crow-racism, a perverse reminder of an era when blatant racial and ethnic bias and historical erasure was the norm.

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts with the FAA and Modoc County. Send an email to let them know an airfield on the concentration camp site is incompatible and inappropriate. Remind them of President Biden’s 2022 Proclamation:
Urge the FAA to conduct a feasibilit
Help us persist in efforts to stop FAA and Modoc County from destroying a precious American civil rights site.

The FAA’s deadline for your views is April 1, 2024 (not a joke!).

Send your messages to:
Mitch Crosby
Modoc County Road Department
202 W 4th Street
Alturas, CA 96101
Email: nhpatulelakeairport@co.modoc.ca.us
Please share a copy with us too: savetulelake@gmail.com