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What a Night! JASSW Celebrates 100 Years!

Photos by David Yamaguchi
For The North American Post

▼Ellen Eskenazi raises her paddle during the auction. A former exchange student in Japan, today she is Associate Director of the UW Japan Studies Program. Photo: KS

▼Shoko Farmer (left) and Masami Katayama awaiting guests at the gala entrance. They are JASSW Executive Committee Chair and 2023 Gala Chair, respectively. They stand next to 2023 centennial-year calligraphy written by Chiyo Sanada.

◀︎1001-crane artwork of the JASSW logo made by Lane Shigihara (right). A corporate employee by day, Shigihara is an emerging community artist by night.





▼At the Westin Hotel, Seattle (Nov. 28, 2023).