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Lola Rei Fukushima, An Actor Taking Flight

By David Yamaguchi
The North American Post

LOLA REI FUKUSHIMA (they/he) played one of three leads in the world premiere of “Bethany Sees the Stars” at West of Lenin Theater, Fremont, Aug. 24- Sep. 9. The role proved that the former star of “miku and the gods” really does “have it.”

Previously described in these pages as “destined for greatness… (“On becoming a god,” napost.com, June 2022), seeing them in a different role proved that the favorable first impression was not luck. Moreover, the NAP was not the only newspaper impressed with Fukushima. In introducing “Bethany” in their calendar, the arts reviewer at “Real Change,” Seattle’s only surviving print weekly, independently wrote that “Lola Rei… took my breath away in “miku” … last year (realchangenews.org, Aug. 2).

Since performing “miku,” Fukushima has acted in six local plays in all. They will next appear in “Measure for Measure,” Freehold Theatre. 517 S. Maynard, in the International District next door to Purple Dot restaurant (dates TBD).

Local theater is especially cool in that if you sit in the front row, you can almost reach out and touch the actors.