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CO-HO Imports & Chef Suetsugu

Sake tasting Photo Japan Fair

Enjoy Japanese sake tasting and a Japanese food menu created by distinguished Chef Takeyuki Suetsugu and local Chef Kenichiro Tsushima.

CO-HO Imports serves retail markets and restaurants with premium imported beer, wine, sake and distilled spirits. CO-HO Imports has the largest Japanese sake selection in the US and is committed to bringing its highest quality products to Japan Fair visitors.

Please come and enjoy the aroma and taste of many different types of Japanese sake. We will also provide food-pairing recipes created by Chef Takeyuki Suetsugu and Chef Kenichiro Tsushima to match each sake. Chef Suetsugu has been awarded “旭日双光章” (the Order of the Rising Sun Award) by the Japanese government. He will be sharing his special Washoku (Japanese traditional food) menus with us. Chef Tsushima was once appointed as chef at the Consul General of Japan’s official residence to serve Washoku to distinguished guests.

Chefs Suetsugu and Tsushima are also scheduled to be at the Workshop where you can enjoy conversing with them and hear interesting stories about Washoku in a small-group setting.

Music of Remembrance and Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC), “Remembering Ryuichi Sakamoto: the Power of Music to Carry Our Stories and the Musician’s Legacy”

Ryuichi Sakamoto Photo Joi Ito

The shocking and sad news of Japanese music icon Ryuichi Sakamoto’s passing on March 28th of this year reverberated around the world. For decades, Sakamoto has had a unique impact in Japan and around the world as a composer, musician, film actor and peace activist. Japan Fair will celebrate his achievements and his connection with Seattle.

Sakamoto composed a beautiful arrangement called “Snowfalls” (2017) for “Music of Remembrance” in Seattle. His chamber work draws on melodies inspired by a poem of Kiyoko Nagase. Her poetry is delivered with an English translation by Empress Emeritus Michiko. Enjoy watching the full video of this beautiful piece and poetry.

Snowfalls 2017 from the bilingual California premier performance with poetry by Kiyoko Nagase Snow falls on this country of sorrow Kanashimi no kuni ni yuki ga furitsumu Photo YouTube screencap

Mina Miller from “Music of Remembrance” will give a short talk about the power of music and how it influences us. Yuuki Hashimori, a well-known Japanese concertmaster and violinist, will play “Akatonbo” (dragonfly), a melody many Japanese children learn. During World War II, when Japanese immigrants were incarcerated around the world due to wartime hysteria, first-generation Japanese immigrants hummed this song together to encourage one another. Yuki Hashimoto will accompany a sing-along in Meydenbauer Hall, joined by participants in cities in Japan where Japan Fair will be live-streamed. Seattle NVC will display a manga book telling the story of the Japanese American experience in the 442nd, all-JA Regimental Combat Battalion. The story has been heard often but needs to be told to the next generation.

Please come and join us in this memorable performance.

LIVE STREAMING, Necchu School Live Streaming From Japan; Experi­ence a Spiritual Moment From Uesugi Shrine

The sights in Yonezawa City Yamagata Japan Left Uesugi Shrine Photo Ippukucho CC 30 Wikimedia Commons
Tanbo rice field art where the grain written words read Ganbarou Tohoku Lets hang in there Tohoku Photo Yonezawa Shi CC 20

Enjoy our live-stream from a Japanese place known for its mystical energy. Uesugi Shrine in Yamagata Prefecture, northeastern Japan, is a spiritual and mystical location. It will be early morning in Japan, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the shrine.

We’ll also introduce additional special locations in Yamagata City. Perhaps you will make it your next destination when you visit Japan.

Yonezawa City is a second point of cultural interest located in the southern part of Yamagata Prefecture. It exudes the charm of medieval Japanese culture and is home to numerous tourist attractions such as Uesugi Shrine and the Uesugi Hakushaku (count or earl) Residence.

The Tanbo Art (rice-field art) event also occurs every year during this season. It is nearby in the vicinity of Onogawa Hot Springs. For this event, different colored rice is planted in the paddy fields to create magnificent landscapes. It is a unique event that showcases the beauty of artwork created using rice fields.

During our live broadcast, we will introduce these attractions and the Tanbo Art event directly on location.

Treasure Hunt

Make sure not to miss the Treasure Hunt booth, where you will find new and used unique items with unbelievable prices. Find your treasure and help save the Earth through reusing.

You may find Japanese art, cookware, antique home decorations, household items including dishes, paintings and more. Profits from this sale will help fund venue rental fees for Japan Fair so we can continue to provide free admission to the public.


ANA and concert tickets are among fundraising raffle items

• AIRLINE RAFFLE: 1 Ticket for $25, 3 Tickets for $60 for a pair of round tickets Seattle-Haneda
Blue Categories:
1 Ticket for $10, 5 Tickets for $40 for “Joe Hisaishi Returns” Seattle Symphony Concert tickets, Beautiful Paper Cutting art by Aki Sogabe, Premium Wines baskets, One night stay at luxury hotels.
Red Categories: 1 Ticket for $5, 5 Tickets for $20 for Japanese Goods (Zojirushi rice cooker, Japanese school backpack (Randoseru), popular local restaurant, market & spa gift cards.

Official 2023 T shirt for sale at Japan Fair<br >Photos JF ANAMasahiro Takagi CC20

Escape Room

Immerse yourself in Japan Fair through escape-room-style questions that take you around the whole venue. Solve the first question in our digital program to reveal the location of the next one. Stop by the information booth afterwards for a small prize!

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Meydenbauer Center viewed looking northwest along 112th Ave NE<br >Photo SuddenFrost CC0

Getting There:
Meydenbauer Center
11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA,
☎️425-637-1020, info@meydenbauer.com
Directions and Parking: https://www.meydenbauer.com/convention-center/attendees/directions-parking/
Meydenbauer Center in downtown Bellevue is conveniently accessible from Interstate 405, which runs north and south through Bellevue.
Meydenbauer Center Garage Parking
Meydenbauer Center has a three-level underground garage with 434 parking stalls including nine disabled parking stalls next to elevators. The garage entrance is mid-block on NE 6th between 110th and and 112th Avenues NE. The overhead clearance is 6 feet, 9 inches. Oversized vehicles should park in the North Lot.

Meydenbauer Center North Lot (overflow parking)
The North Lot entrance is midblock off 112th Avenue NE, between NE 8th Street and NE 6th Streets. The pay station is located in the northeast corner of the lot.

By bus, ride to the Bellevue Transit Center, which is one block west of Meydenbauer Center on Sixth Avenue. From downtown Seattle, ride bus #550 at Second and Cherry (about 30 min.).
Parking Rates
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