JAPAN FAIR (July 8th – 9th) OVERVIEW

    JAPAN FAIR (July 8th – 9th) OVERVIEW


    Aki Maturi by the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA) was one of the local events that introduce Japanese arts and culture for 18 years.

    When it announced to close its doors, the Japanese community was not able to find the organization to take over. Some Japanese community leaders and volunteers found non profit organization (ASUNARO) to keep the legacy of Aki Matsui, then ASUNARO’s “Japan
    Fair” became the official successor of ENMA’s “Aki Maturi” in 2016.

    The first Japan Fair was held at MeydenbauerCenter on September 3-4, 2016, with guidance and help from ENMA. The new “Japan Fair” drew many first-time attendees and brought nearly 20,000 visitors for the weekend event. Inside events brought new exhibitorsfrom both America and Japan who shared their projects and products with the people of the Pacific Northwest, along with many exhibitors of Japanese art and culture.

    During the pandemic, Japan Fair was a virtual event that reached more people around the world. People from 35 countries participated remotely in its programs. We are proud to be back at Meydenbauer Center again this summer. Connecting people and communities not only in the Northwest but around the world makes a great impact on our mission. Bonding and connecting all communities though Japanese art and culture today ismore important
    than ever.

    Bilingual emcee Tomo Hoku Angie<br >Photo courtesy of THA
    Live stage performance Karate Photo JF
    Cooking demonstration Photo JF


    • MC: Tomo Hoku Angie
    • Budokan Judo Dojo
    • Cascade Kendo Club
    • Cosplay Contest (Sakura-Con)
    • Evergreen Glee Club, Sound Singers, Echo Chorus, and Cabin Choir
    • Kaoru Okumura
    • Laryn and Hatsune (Koto no Wa)
    • Music of Remembrance
    • Necchu Live from Yamagata
    • OKK Chijinshuu Taiko of WA
    • Seattle Kokon Taiko
    • Shintokan
    • Ten Sushi LLC
    • The School of Taiko / Japan Creative Arts
    • Yuuki Hashimori
    • UV Performing Arts
    • Washington Shotokan Karate Association

    Workshops, Seminars & Demonstrations
    • AI Image Creation seminar (Tsuyoshi Watanabe)
    • Furoshiki workshop (Lynn Miyauchi)
    • Haiku seminar – English (Michael Dylan Welch)
    • Haiku seminar – Japanese (Hisao Mogi from Rainier Ginsha)
    • Ikebana demonstrations (Ikebana International Chapter #19)
    • Japan In the School (Japan- America Society of the State of Washington)
    • Onigiri workshop (Kanako Koizumi from Kozmo Kitchen)
    • Sumie Art workshop (Hiroko Nagatomo)
    • Tea Ceremony Demonstrations (Chado Urasenke Tankokai Seattle Association / Chanoyu Seattle Omotesenke–Ryu)
    • Translator Battle (Jay Rubin and Zach Davisson)
    • Visit to Fukushima (Seattle Fukushima Club)
    • Washoku seminar (Takeyuki Suetsugu and KenichiroTsumura)


    Agape Japanese Language School
    Aki Sogabe
    ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.)
    Asia Pacific Language School
    Baz LLC
    Beans Eight Roasters
    Bellevue Children’s Academy Bsize, Inc
    Chado Urasenke Tankokai Seattle Association
    Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle
    Crystal Angels
    Dreambird Candles
    Fin & Feather
    Fukushima Kenjinkai
    Great Rice
    handarbete weaving
    Hasu-Seizo Artisan Japanese Knife
    Hitotsu World LLC
    Hyogo Business & Cultural Center
    Ikebana International Chapter #19
    International Learning Academy
    Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
    Japan-America Society of the State of Washington
    JIA Foundation
    Keiro Northwest
    Kenjinkai Clubs
    KIMONO ART / NPO I love Kimono
    Yuki no Kai
    Kimono by Ancient Grounds
    Kyoto Kenjinkai in Washington State
    Math Abacus School of Seattle
    Miki’s Ceramics
    Mindful Planet. Inc.
    Nefertiti Holistic’s
    New York Life Insurance
    Nisei Veterans Committee Foundation
    Noodle & Co.
    North American Post/Soy Source
    NPUSA Affiliate
    Panda Kids.biz
    Punching Pandas
    PNW Marketing & Travel, Inc
    Rainier Ginsha
    Retro Pop Namu
    ROYCE’ Chocolate
    Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Buddhist Temple
    Seattle Go Center
    Seattle Japanese Garden (Arboretum Foundation)
    Shishido Creative
    Siamurai Apparel & Mukashinoboro
    Soap Sweetie
    Sugimoto Tea Company
    Takai by Kashiba
    The Athelier/Curious Nature Studio/
    The Institute for Teaching-Skill Sharing (TOSS)
    Toto USA
    Treasure Hunt
    Two Squirrels and a Nut
    Umai Imports / Sake Drop
    Upright Tree Coffee Roasters
    U.S Jaclean, Inc.
    Washington Shotokan Karate Assn.
    WAZA Tokyo – Modern Japanese Tableware
    Yotsuba Gakuin

    Tea ceremony
    Childrens yukata dress up

    Food Menu Photos JF