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By David Yamaguchi The North American Post

There really is something inspiring about seeing people who “look like us” doing new, innovative things. Two such people are fitness trainer April Hattori (58) and her mother Aiko (81) of Las Vegas. They have posted 152 home-exercise videos for seniors on YouTube.

Fitness trainer April Hattori and her mother Aiko of Las Vegas share their moves on yes2next on YouTube<br >Photos yes2next DY screencaps



Their body of work is not a niche thing. Their channel has 123,000 subscribers (regular viewers). Their three top videos have garnered 714,000, 1.3 million, and 2.7 million views, respectively.

That their work is paying off for them shows immediately in their glowing complexions. As an ordinary Seattle mortal, I meet a person with similar glowing skin only about once every ten years.

It is understandable that April looks that way, given her profession. But before starting the YouTube series, she took one look at her mother, early in the pandemic, and said, “You need to get in shape.”

At the time, April was moving her teaching to the web. She needed an online senior student. So she asked her mother, “Will you do this with me?”

Perhaps the most important of the videos, and a good place to start, is the one on evaluating and improving balance. This is because falls are the nemesis of all seniors.