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Congratulations, Graduates!

Dr. Taylor Sekizaki

By David Yamaguchi, The North American Post

Like no other graduating classes since those of the 1918-1920 Spanish flu pandemic, you have persevered across 14 months of a new, challenging disease outbreak. May the balance of your years be easier.

As a representative of the 2021 graduating classes, Taylor Sekizaki wears a striking graduation gown embellished with velvet trim and a green academic hood. The velvet distinguishes Taylor as a doctoral graduate; the green designates her field as medicine. She is a new Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in the UW School of Medicine Class of 2021.

Taylor is now beginning her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital—the training institution for Harvard medical students—en route to becoming an anesthesiologist. Taylor is the daughter of Tsukasa Sekizaki and Ann Woo-Sekizaki of Bellevue.