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Pillow Talk

By Deems Tsutakawa For The North American Post

Just about everyone on the planet has a routine for waking up and going to sleep. Apparently, of all countries surveyed, northern Europeans drink the most coffee per capita. Here in the USA, about 60% of us drink some coffee on a daily basis, usually in the morning to get going. Although breakfast foods can be very delicious like bacon & eggs, I know a lot of people who prefer to eat a light meal early on so they can go hog wild for lunch and /or dinner. Americans do, in fact, lead the world in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. We are the land of plenty. Night time activities around this country and others seem to revolve around consumption of dinner foods, alcoholic beverages, and desserts that are rich and sweet. We also lead the world in medications to offset our decadent life styles.

Most people like to plan their day’s activity out in the morning over coffee or tea and a small meal. It’s good to have a game plan but also good to be flexible in case something unforeseen comes up. These days, as I am semi-retired, I have the luxury of taking a fair amount of time to do my yoga, brush my teeth, work on music, and plan the rest of the week out. I like having ample time to get going as we urbanites are a neurotic society which can lead to stress.

The nighttime routine for most of us varies according to your lifestyle. It seems that most people have a semi- regular schedule for turning in. Many folks like to watch the late news on TV, drink a glass of warm milk, or read a good book. Jean and I both love to cook and entertain so our pillow talk almost always revolves around foods. We like to plan our meals for the next few days and tend to make up menus that are fun to eat. We also like to drum up meals for guests and also for travel to visit others. Fortunately, we eat rather healthy so neither of us is looking to diet; we would rather just have fun.