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‘Mahalo’ from Momo

by Lei Ann Shiramizu, for The North American Post

After 13 years on the corner of Sixth and Jackson,Momo is closing up shop. We’d like to send a heartfelt “Mahalo gozaimasu” to our customers and the community for the tremendous support and love over our lifetime. It’s because of you that we kept on
going, and we will miss you greatly.

The good news is, our “Momo Girl,” Kaitlin Uemura, will be taking over the space along with her business partner, another Kaitlin, both from Hawaii. The duo will fashion their own creative endeavor, complete with two kawaii shop dogs. Kaitlin Uemura has worked for us for about a year and a half. Prior to hiring her,
we sold her line of handmade clothing, Morning Siren. She was instrumental in helping us close the shop by assisting in creating the e-commerce site and working the days we were open.

Although Kaitlin is not related to us, we are close especially because of the many hours we spent together in the last few months. She is also a Japanese girl from Hawaii, in her case, the Big Island.

The second Kaitlin is her former college roommate. Kaitlin Madriaga is of Filipino background from Maui. They’ve
been creating and selling clothing together for three years now.

The shop will be called something other than Momo and will have
a fresh concept. Keep an eye on the windows for opening dates and details or follow them on Instagram, @morningsiren.

So long, be well, and here’s to hope for the future.