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Preserved Bonsai by Heiando America and Donaldo Radovich

Photo courtesy of Donaldo Radovich and Heiando
April 25th – 28th, 1:30 – 4:30 PM | Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown, 5900 Airport Way S Seattle

Heiando America will host Preserved Bonsai event at Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown from April 25th to 28th. Preserved Bonsai is a new product from Heiando, an urushi product handcrafted by Donaldo Radovich, a leading expert on international floral design.

Heiando America distributes Urushi (Japanese lacquerware) by Yamada Heiando in North America. Since opening in 1919 in Tokyo, Heiando has been a proud purveyer of tableware for the Japanese Imperial Household. Born and raised in Seattle, Donaldo Radovich has spent his career immersed in art and design, creating floral events across the globe. His floral works have been installed at fashion shows, media events and celebrity parties. His style is known for its unique fusion of Japanese design, European trend and American lifestyle.

Join this one-of-a-kind event collaborated by Heiando and Donaldo Radovich. Five Senses Foundation will join the event presenting traditional tea ceremonies, hands-on tea-making sessions, and ikebana installations.

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