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A Mesmerizing Cultural Performance

by Hiroshi Eto, For the North American Post

Sponsored by the Hyogo Business & Cultural Center, Kobe native Yuichi Kimura and his taiko group Daichi No Kai performed at the Broadway Performance Hall on April 14, 2019.  As a survivor of the tragic 1995 Kobe earthquake, he was inspired to cherish life and he wrote in his greetings, “we continue to beat the drum of hope for the future.”  The local group Dekoboko Taiko performed two pieces and then joined in a rousing collaboration drumming Kimura’s requiem to the victims of disasters with fanfare inspiring hope.  Watching the whirling choreographed motions while hearing the unison, precision and power of professional taiko drummers is a mesmerizing cultural experience.  It was the group’s first visit to Seattle and they hope for another.  We hope so, too.