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Amy Nikaitani's sketch of the Wing Luke Museum building

By David Yamaguchi,

THIS SUMMER, I was pleased to meet two interesting artists. One was a well-dressed, elderly lady who was quietly sitting by herself at a wedding I had the pleasure of attending.

When I introduced myself, she said,

‘I know your parents. My name is Amy Nikaitani.’

Amy Nikaitani. Photo by David Yamaguchi

At once, I recognized her name as that of the local Nisei artist whose pen and ink sketches I have admired for years. For example, I knew that gifts featuring her work are for sale in the gift shop of the Wing Luke Museum.

“Are you still making art?,” I asked. Mrs. Nikaitani replied that these days she is doing nudes. Twice a month she attends a downtown studio to draw models there.

A shoulder bag with the same image. Photo by David Yamaguchi

A second, up-and-coming artist is Stacia Burrington, who was holding down a booth at the Redmond Arts Festival. Her cute neko [cat] pictures are also on sale at Wing Luke.

Stacia Burrington. Photos: David Yamaguchi

Stacia, who grew up viewing anime, focused on wabisabi— the Japanese concept of imperfect, ephemeral beauty—in art school. It is interesting how ‘Japanese’ Stacia’s art is, for a young person who has yet to travel to Japan.

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David Yamaguchi is a third-generation Japanese American [Sansei]. He has written for the Post since 2006, at first as a volunteer, later as a paid freelancer. He joined the paper's staff in May 2020, when he began learning how articles flow from Word files through layout to social media.