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Seattle’s Specialty Tofu Shop

Northwest Tofu opened in 2001. In its 17th year, the shop still makes fresh, delicious tofu daily at its store with no preservatives or GMOs. It’s a famous store among local Asians who have lived in Seattle a long time. It’s a family-run business that almost never advertises (except in the Post!), yet it’s busy every morning with customers who love the store’s fresh tofu. If you are having a nabe party, the Post staff recommends Yuba and Tofu Puffs will be good nabe hotpot ingredient. Tofu noodle and soymilk are also popular. For fresh tofu, you can choose from soft or medium-firm.

There’s also a Chinese restaurant operating in the store that uses lots of tofu in its many dishes. The most popular menu item is called “Salt & Pepper Tofu” and features silken tofu fried in batter and seasoned with salt and pepper. This famous Central District shop is definitely worth a visit. The store only accepts cash.

Northwest Tofu
1913 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98144