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New Year’s Eve calls for toshikoshi soba at Kamonegi


Besides Osechi on New Year’s Day, it is another Japanese tradition to eat a humble bowl of soba noodles for New Year’s Eve dinner. People clean up their houses on New Year’s Eve in Japan, so they can welcome a new year. Soba is easy to cook after the clean-up day, and light enough to stay hungry for the big Osechi dishes the next day. The long soba noodles also represent longevity.

Kamonegi is Seattle’s premier homemade soba and tempura restaurant. It’s already taking orders for toshikoshi (New Year’s Eve) soba. The toshikoshi soba made by owner-chef Mutsuko Soma is known for its wonderful aroma and the way it goes down smoothly. Say goodbye to 2018 with some authentic toshikoshi soba. Each order is for two people and includes homemade soup.



Kamonegi New Year Eve Soba Noodle $20
Order by December 31st
Pickup: Dec 30th 1 – 3 pm &
Dec 31st 10 am – 4 pm at the store
Contact: hiroko@kamonegiseattle.com

Order shrimp tempura too

The crispy coating and the juicy shrimp make a heavenly combo ($4 per shrimp tempura)


1054 N. 39th St., Seattle, WA 98103

CHECK! Open on New Year’s Eve from 11am to 9pm!

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