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As the seasons change, we inevitably turn our thoughts to tasty autumn dishes. Fatty mackerel, crisp tempura, mouthwatering steak and much much more are featured in this autumn roundup of some of our favorite restaurants.

Interviews and articles by Misa Murohashi, Noriko Hantsinger, Ai Isono, Harmony Kelly, Azusa Ueda and Sumiya Kurihara. Translation by Bruce Rutledge


~The autumn menu features everything
from authentic Japanese to Japanese-style Western delights~

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The popular Nakagawa Japanese restaurant in Bothell is offering three special dishes for a limited time this autumn and winter. The first is Mixed Mushroom Keema Curry, which is available on the restaurant’s Saturday lunch menu. This is an autumn version of the already popular curry dishes served here. Along with ground beef and pork, four autumn mushrooms — shiitake, maitake, shimeji and king oyster — are mixed in with abundance.The texture and umami combine to bring out the mild heat of keema curry. A lightly fried egg sits on top. Use the spoon to mix the egg deeply into the curry and it will offset the acidity of the tomatoes. Once you taste it, you won’t be able to stop! This restaurant’s curry rice fans can’t wait to give it a try.


Mixed Mushroom Keema Curry $1350 <br >Plenty of volume for big appetites Add a fried shrimp or chicken katsu $4 each as a topping


The second new dish is the Seared Mackerel Battera. The mackerel puts on fat from autumn through winter and becomes more and more delicious. Half of a shime saba mackerel is flagrantly roasted in-house. It’s a voluminous dish and surprisingly tender. Subtle use of vinegar brings out the essence of the mackerel. Each bite melts in your mouth, and the umami of the fatty fish lingers. In between the sushi rice are white sesame, pickled ginger, red shiso and green shiso. Subtle flavor comes out from the sliced kelp on the top. Each adds a different taste and texture.


Seared Mackerel Battera $23 <br >This is the season for enjoying the fattiest mackerel The portions are large and good for sharing


The third new dish is Sweet Potato Sundae. Washington-grown organic Satsuma potatoes are mixed with egg and cream to make a paste that is served atop vanilla ice cream for a fantastic dessert. The aroma of the Satsuma potato and its natural sweetness make for the perfect finish to a meal. The chestnut and powder sugar give the dessert a cute, Japanese feel.


Sweet Potato Sundae $825 <br >This dessert is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds The cornflakes at the bottom add a crunch It will remind you of a Japanese parfait


At the sushi counter, the restaurant prepares seasonal favorites flown in from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. “I am especially confident about our many offerings of white-meat fish,” says Owner-Chef Shinichi Nakagawa. He prepares the portion and decoration of each plate with an eye for detail. Customers looking for a store that exudes a Japanese spirit need look no further. These three dishes will be served for a limited time, so make a special trip, especially on the weekends. Try them out before they’re gone!

Were also offering a Matsutake Menu says Chef Nakagawa Check the restaurants Facebook page and website for more details


1427 228th St. SE., #D6, Bothell | (425) 483-2221 |

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