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May 19th JCCCW Omoide Program

Joy Misako Nakanishi St. Germain

by Atsushi Kiuchi,

A dedicated and multi-talented public service careerist, Joy Misako Nakanishi St. Germain, will be the featured speaker at the May 19 Omoide (Memories) program sponsored by the Japanese Cultural and Community Center (JCCCW) or “The J.” St. German was born in Chicago of Shin-issei (after WWII immigrant) parents. Her childhood was spent in Connecticut. She holds a BA from Connecticut College and a Master’s in Public Health from Yale.

St. Germain came west to begin her professional career. She served as human resources director at the state Department of Ecology. She held a similar position for 10 years at the
City of Tacoma. Currently, she is the human resources director for the City of Bellevue.

As a person with many talents and interests, St. Germain finds time to perform in community theaters, write poetry-especially haiku and volunteers in civic organizations. She served as president of the Seattle Japanese American Citizens League in 1992.

St. Germain is married to Matthew St. Germain. Their son, David Akira, is employed by the Medina elementary school in Bellevue.

The Omoide program starts at 1pm. Following the guest speaker, the monthly writing workshop begins at 2:30 pm. The programs are held each 3rd Saturday of the month at 1414 South Weller. The public is invited to attend. Admission is free.

Contact: Omoide@jcccw.org

HAIKU Omoides (Memories) by Joy Misako Nakanishi St. Germain

Old friend like hot tea
Rejuvenating and warm
Two lumps of sugar

Bee’s knees and cat’s meow
Laughing face in the full moon
Springtime’s blowing breeze

Late nights chapped cheekbone
Night person, morning person
Miles before I sleep

Spark deep world kindness
Ripples form from a whisper
Energize what is

Fulfilling one’s dreams
Coaching with kindness and care
Hit the taiko drum!