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By Deems Tsutakawa

My old pal from childhood days Perry Lee owns the world’s largest collection of Bruce Lee memorabilia and it is on display at The Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle. Perry, his brothers, and I played a lot of streetball, table tennis, and Riskamongst other games while growing up in the Mount Baker neighborhood. Perry also went to my high school and graduated a few years before me. At this time, he is closing in on nearly a half century working for the health department where he examines restaurants for complicity with codes. Apparently, he loves his job which I can relate to for sure.

Perry and his wife Vicki are staunch supporters of live music. They go out virtually every week of the year to listen to live bands and enjoy the comradery of the greater Seattle night life. Needless to say, they know every eatery, night club, and musician in town. Personally, I feel that the world needs more people like Perry and Vicki as then there would be more live music everywhere.

Upon talking with the knowledgeable couple, the thing that st ruck me was the fact that they could go out fifty two weeks a year to see good quality live music and never have to pay a cover charge. They can usually get f ree parking at or near most venues and there are always food and drink specials abound. Coming f rom a family restaurant background and inspecting restaurants, Perry def initely knows good food.

Once again, the thing that comes to mind is the basic function of live music in our society and around the world. Granted there are a few acts like Kenny G and Adele that garner massive revenue but their type of success is quite rare. You could say that one probably has a better chance of winning a mega lotto prize than to make millions playing or singing. If the statement that says “the majority rules” is true then the rule of live music is to bring people together to see friends, laugh, eat, and tell stories. If you love the night life like I do, please be more like Perry and Vicki.

Deems Tsutakawa is a local Sansei musician. He can be reached at deemst@deemsmusic.com.