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Ehime Food Fair @Uwajimaya

Tuna cutting event is popular attraction at sushi restaurants in Japan. Experience the melt in-your-mouth sensation from a Uwamaru Blue Fin Tuna! (Photo: Uwajimaya)

Uwajimaya Seattle & Bellevue Stores | Wednesday March 14th – Tuesday March 20th

Uwajimaya’s 3rd annual Ehime Food Fair brings local venders from the
prefecture to share with their customers the opportunity to enjoy regional
Japanese cuisine. Ehime Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku, one
of the four main islands of Japan. Surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea to the
north and Shikoku Mountains to the south, Ehime is blessed with the best
from both land and sea. The climate is warm and mild throughout the year
making it the perfect environment for cultivating citrus. Ehime is the largest
producer of citrus fruits in Japan and is known as the “Citrus Kingdom”.
Uwajimaya’s founder Fujimatsu Moriguchi is from Ehime Prefecture and the
store has a special relationship with the prefecture.

Saba Misoni Simmered Mackerel in Miso

At the fair, you will enjoy Ehime’s local taste of citrus products, seafood,
seafood snacks, natto, mochi and more. On Sunday March 17th at 2 pm,
as part of Ehime Food Fair, a tuna-cutting event will be held in the Bellevue
Uwajimaya seafood department. They will be cutting a sustainably-raised
Blue Fin Tuna cultured from the Uwa Sea, Ehime Prefecture. Special sale to
follow the tuna cutting performance.

Sugar coated dried fruit made from the peels of the famous citrus of Ehime Prefecture