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New Year Sumo

By Dana S. Mar

The North American Post

The New Year Grand Sumo Tournament began Sunday, Jan. 8. With high hopes to take his first grand tournament, ozeki Kisenosato is in a good spot with 10 out of 11 wins as of Wednesday. Kisenosato suffered his first loss on Monday against Kotoshogiku, but remains on top by one win over four other wrestlers and in good shape to reach his goal of a promotion to yokozuna.

Long-time champion yokozuna Hakuho has suffered losses against maegashira Arawashi and komusubi Takayasu on the 8th and 9th days. Additionally, Ozeki Kotoshogiku appears to be well on his way to demotion having done poorly in November and needing eight wins to sustain his position but with an astonishing 4-7 as of the 11th day.