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Linc’s Last Day

Jerry and Maria Beppu (Photo: David Yamaguchi)

WHILE I HAVE ALREADY written of the closing of Linc’s Tackle (Mar. 16 issue)—the timeless fishing supplies store at Rainier Ave. S. at S. King St.—on Sunday, Apr. 30, the front door of Linc’s was open! Thus, it was hard not to stop, say hello, and poke around, for previously I had only been able to look through its windows.

Inside, it was hard not to smile at three generations of the Beppu family hanging out with Grandpa at the old family shop. It was their last day of being open to the public.

Now, final building clean-out and building demolition are scheduled. The Linc’s sign—a Rainier Ave. landmark throughout our lives—is slated for the Wing Luke Museum. A low-income housing complex is planned for the site.

Especially amusing on the walls of Linc’s were photos from an old newspaper article on how to dig for geoduck. They appear to have been taken in June 2009 by Mark Yuasa of the Seattle Times. As the photos stand alone in telling the story, I refer the interested reader to that article online for details.

Please join me in wishing the Beppu’s fair weather and good fishing during the days ahead.