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Kizuki Ramen opens in Bellevue Square

Photo by Nick Turner

Ramen is back in the Bellevue Square Mall. It has been long-awaited since the closure of Boom Noodle. Kizuki is located on the second floor of the newly expanded wing of the mall. Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya, formerly named Kukai Ramen, is an international ramen chain headquartered in Bellevue. In addition to seven locations in the Seattle area, the chain has one location in Portland, two in Chicago, one in Indiana, two in Taiwan and one in Australia. This quickly expanding chain has been maintaining its popularity with authentic Tokyo style broth and ramen noodle, which the US chain owner brought directly from their Japanese partner. All of their 11 signature types of ramen menu including Garlic Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen and Yuzu Shio Ramen are available at the Bellevue Square store. Izakaya menu items, such as Chicken Karaage and Agedashi Tofu, are also served.

While Seattle is filled with more and more ramen spots lately, Bellevue is catching up. If you only count ramen restaurants, there are Ramen Yoshi on Northup Way, Jinya in Crossroads, Santoka on Bellevue way and another Kizuki on 148th. Some of sushi restaurants serve their signature ramen bowls such as Nagasaki Champon at Kiku Sushi on Northup and Tonkotsu Ramen at Shibuya in Eastgate. A Typical night out in Tokyo ends with a sip of ramen bowl. Now, you have plenty of ramen options to conclude your Downtown Bellevue outings.

Kizuki Ramen Izakaya (Bellevue Square)
575 Bellevue Way NE Space 252, Bellevue, WA. 98004 
Hour:Mon-Sat 9:30am~9pm, Sun 9:30am~7pm ☎425-454-0885
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