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Consignment Boutique for Baby and Children’s Clothing

Kuniko Jacobson is the owner of  store, Hopscotch Consignment Boutique in downtown Bellevue. Jacobson is mom to three children, the youngest of whom is just three months old.

The store sells clothes and shoes for newborns to 10-year-olds as well as strollers, child carseats, books, toys, maternity wear and many other items. “Our customers consign their goods with us to sell,” she explains. “When you hear ‘used goods,’ you might imagine clothes that are falling apart, but we only accept high-end products, popular brands, practically new items and attractive items in good shape.” It’s true: the items in the shop are all good quality and something you wouldn’t hesitate to pick up.

The shop’s Japan Corner is popular. In a far corner of the store, Japanese picture books and Anpanman toys line the shelves. And of course, items perfectly picked out for the coming season are on display.

Why not check out Hopscotch Consignment and find that special something waiting for you?

  • How consignment works

<At the store>

① Bring your items to the store (make reservations if you’re bringing more than five).

②At the register, a store employee will explain the consignment terms.

③Leave your address, name, phone number, email and receive a consigner number.


<At home>

④Later, the store will check your inventory and send you an email explaining what you sold and what you are owed.

⑤ Your items can be on display for 90 days. You can check the status of your goods via the website.

  • If you sell something

・50% of the sales price can be deposited into your store account.

・You can receive a check or cash (40% of the sales price). ※Get paid at the store or by mail

  • If you don’t sell something

・Take back your goods

・Donate the goods (The store can connect you with a suitable charity).

※ For more details, check out the store’s Facebook page.

Hand made brand new dress $16(up)

BabyBjor’s carrier $21(down)


Green Toys Airplay $6.25

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