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Washington Primary Election Results

By Dana S. Mar

The North American Post

This year’s primary election results in Washington State featured Japanese American candidates including Steven Hobbs, Kazuaki (Kaz) Sugiyama, Sharon Tomiko Santos and Bob Hasegawa.

Hobbs ran for Lieutenant Governor falling behind with 15.5% against Cyrus Habib with 20%. He is placed in fourth as of Wednesday. Sugiyama ran for Representative Position 1 in District 1 earning 10.23% but losing to Derek Stanford who earned 55.07%. Hasegawa ran for reelection as State Senator in District 11, earning with 78.48% against Dennis Price’s 21.01% as of Tuesday. Santos also ran for reelection in Representative Position 1 in District 37, winning by 91.76% against John Dickson who had 7.67% as of Tuesday.

This yera, the voter turnout in Washington was the lowest, at least since 2007. the total voter turnout so far is 20.41% and 18.77% in King County as of Tuesday. King County comprises of 1.2 million total registered voters, more than a fourth of the total number of registered voters in the state. Comparatively, last year’s Primary Elections turned out 24.37%.